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Welcome to Tarkin Team Password Manager demo.

Tarking is not Just Another Password Manager. It has some unique features:

Your passwords are save. Not even the Sysadmin or DBA can read it, as they are crypted with strong AES-256 encryption standard.
You can use Tarkin API to get the passwords in your scripts. No more plain-text passwords in the scripts, and no more update of hundrets scripts after changing your password.
Command-line Friendly
Tarkin has a command-line client - no need to open the browser to find out the password. Just type in tarkin /db/C84PCPY/sysadm in Shell to show your sysadm passwords. And there is a shell with cd, pwd and cat.

Find out the source code and documentation on Github and API docs here. The command-line client is there. Contact the author: Tomek Gryszkiewicz.


Feel free to test this application. You may login as an ordinary user - / password0 or as an administrator - admin@example/com / password1. Please do not change this passwords to allow others to login. And do not store any passwords here - this webpage is just a demo.


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